A job well done is more than just simply completing a project. We work closely with our clients to identify their core needs, define success criteria, and understand the competencies needed to thrive in their business environment.  We have successfully established ourselves as a firm that provides results to our clients.  Our team members combine the right mix of hands-on-experience and subject matter proficiency, all packaged with a collaborative spirit.
OmniTek Consulting partnered with a leading Fortune 500 Technology firm to enhance a government agency’s Learning Management System (LMS). As a result, the agency successfully streamlined their training program that affected more than 300,000 employees. The process was standardized so that competencies and their associated levels are granted based on the training curriculum that was defined.
OmniTek Consulting partnered with a distinguished Clinical Research Organization (CRO) to lead a transformation program for one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies. The program converted five legacy systems and databases into a single Siebel platform and Oracle database. As a result of the successful migration of millions of patient, Health Care Provider (HCP), and transactional records, our biotechnology client streamlined the process for managing and reporting on activities pertaining to each of their products.
OmniTek Consulting was recruited by a renowned global database and systems integrator to lead the CRM implementation for an organization within the Department of Defense. This program consisted of implementing three modules (CRM, Supply Chain Management, and Financials), and was successfully deployed to replace the organization’s 30-year-old logistics system. In addition to the new systems implemented, data integrations between 25+ systems were built to ensure necessary data connectivity. The systems, processes, and data integrations are still active today.
OmniTek Consulting has worked hand in hand with a leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO) to establish and streamline processes that result in quality service and improved data metrics to support its vast client initiatives. Through its integration with Oracle Siebel service applications and analytics, this CRO has delivered exceptional service and value to its global clients.
OmniTek Consulting was selected to work with an international pharmaceutical client to lead a program to ensure their compliance with the Sunshine Act, also known as Open Payments. As part of this program, OmniTek and the pharmaceutical firm have collected and remediated large amounts of data from more than 30 internal and external data sources to generate and submit mandated Federal and State Reports.